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Find insulin indexes of over 100 foods.

In this post I am publishing a searchable table with insulin indexes for over 100 foods. The Insulin Index is an area of insulin response to the given food and compared to that of glucose. Insulin response to caloric equivalent of glucose is defined as 100. Unfortunately, we don’t know the Insulin Index for most foods and products. In the coming posts I will write more about the origin of Insulin Index. How best to predict it for foods not included in the table. The online calculator will do it for you depending on what you know about that food. In the long-term you will be able to do it automatically for any food found in popular databases like USDA and Therefore it will be easier and faster than manual calculation.

FoodInsulin indexGlycemic IndexGlycemic Load
Original Pancake & Waffle Mix1106734
Rice Bubbles948848
Honeydew melon, raw 936229
Original Shredded Wheat917534
Mars bar896223
Baked Beans884417
Potato, russet, peeled and boiled 887838
Special K866930
Low-fat strawberry yoghurt843112
Orange-mango fruit drink766739
97% Fat-free pretzels748442
White bread737031
Frosted Flakes725530
Wholemeal bread707434
Ice tea695935
Blueberry streusel muffin695522
Low-fat vanilla ice-cream694319
Raisin Bran696130
Fat-free blueberry muffin697136
Lucky Charms696933
Chocolate chip cookies676222
Vanilla ice-cream655013
Peaches canned in syrup655832
Water crackers647833
Peach-mango frozen yoghurt645119
Raspberry jam625130
Honey Bunches of Oats616326
Chocolate brownie with frosting603811
Skim milk60299
Black grapes, raw 605028
7 Wholegrain Puffs596533
Banana, raw, peeled 595229
French fries577018
Great Grains577429
All-Bran Complete Wheat Flakes556028
Orange juice555328
French fries547026
Fat-free oatmeal raisin cookie545429
Battered fish fillet54385
Donut with cinnamon sugar547620
Peaches canned in juice544022
Super moist yellow cake with chocolate frosting534213
Low-fat cottage cheese52102
Soy-Lin grain bread523611
40% Reduced-fat potato chips516019
Reduced-fat chocolate chip cookie495018
Special K485422
Cracklin' Oat Bran485520
Apple pie474113
Apple juice473923
Cheese pizza476018
Potato chips456013
Corn chips454210
Jatz cracker455518
Brown rice, boiled 457238
Orange, raw, peeled 444221
Red Delicious apple, raw 433621
White fish fillet4300
Lentils in tomato sauce423711
Cinnamon swirl pastry424012
Low-fat processed cheese slice42102
Carrot juice, fresh 414318
Grain bread415020
100% Natural Granola Oats, Honey & Raisins 414415
Tomato pasta Sauce413112
Reduced-fat cottage cheese40101
Frozen corn394720
Beef steak, grilled 3700
Snickers bar374212
Honey-raisin bran muffin375621
Tortilla, white, corn 364923
Muesli bar345621
1% Fat milk34298
Beef lasagne343810
Milk chocolate344311
Chocolate chip cookie335015
Cheddar cheese3300
Seedless raisins316436
Wholemeal pasta, boiled 294220
White pasta, spirals, boiled 294623
Tuna in water, drained 2600
Full cream milk24315
Beef taco24394
Canned navy beans23319
Eggs, poached 2300
All-Bran Original233013
Prawns, boiled and peeled 2100
Beer, 4.9% alcohol 20669
93% Fat-free cheddar cheese2000
Chicken, panfried with skin 1900
Cream cheese1800
Roast chicken, without skin 1700
Frankfurter/hot dog16281
Tuna in oil, drained 1600
Peanuts, salted and roasted 15141
Peanut butter11141
Short-cut bacon900
Avocado, raw, peeled 400
Olive oil300
White wine, 11% alcohol 300
Gin, 40% alcohol 100
Carrots, peeled and steamed
Broccoli, steamed29
Cauliflower, steamed 48
Sweet Potato, orange, peeled and steamed
Source: "Clinical Application of the Food Insulin Index to Diabetes Mellitus" Kirstine Bell.


Great thanks to for drawing my attention to this data and to the author of the original work.


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  1. please expand this list with more vegetables, seeds, flavorings, organ meats, less processed foods. there does not seem to be a comprehensive food list for insulin stimulation anywhere on line. this is the best one i have found, and i like the format, but we need at least 300 entries, with more natural foods.

    thanks for your work on this list.

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